Wallex Custody Pro

Safe custody of assets - users can deposit and store their fiat and crypto with a reliable, easy-to-use platform.

An innovative custodial wallet for saving, convenient management & spending with card.

Instant Exchange

Instantly exchange digital assets.

Wallex Custody Pro allows you to instantly swap one digital asset for another. Simple, secure and limit free. Wallet service included.

  • Instant exchange of one digital asset to another
  • No limits on the transaction size of swaps
  • Carefree wallet service for all coins included
  • Simple and snappy user interface

Deposit & Withdraw

Securely and efficiently manage your digital assets and take advantage of market opportunities with our deposit and withdrawal services.

Auto Conversion

Auto Conversion allows you to save your funds of incoming crypto transfers by converting them to fiat, preventing the crypto market volatility.

Saving Plans

Build your financial freedom with our Saving Plans:

  • Become a free investor with our Saving Plans
  • Build your crypto portfolio
  • Automate your incoming and build new investment investment habits
  • Maximize your savings earning with EURST Saving vault, paid on daily basis


Account Opening


Multicurrency Crypto Custody wallet Opening


Multicurrency Fiat Custody account Opening


Minimum Balance

10.000,00 EUR

Account Maintenance

10,00 EUR Monthly

Crypto / Crypto Exchange

OTC Rate + 0% Commission

Crypto / Fiat Exchange

OTC Rate + 0% Commission

Fiat / Crypto Exchange

OTC Rate + 0% Commission

Auto Conversion

OTC Rate + 0% Commission

Crypto Deposit


Crypto Withdraw


* Our Exchange work only at Limit to save

Maximum Account Balance


Fiat Exchange


Crypto Exchange


Crypto Transfer Out per Transaction

20.000,00 EUR

Crypto Transfer Out per Day

100.000,00 EUR

Flexible APY

Min. 1,00 % Max. 9,00%

Fixed APY

Min. 4,00 % Max. 12,00%