Smart Custody

An innovative custodial wallet for saving, convenient management & spending with card.

An innovative custodial wallet for saving, convenient management & spending with card.

Send and Receive Crypto

Wallex Smart Custody is an easy-to-use digital crypto wallet, designed to deliver the highest cryptocurrency management efficiency. Users can safely store and perform various transactions and exchange their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Simply, create an e-wallet for each cryptocurrency and start managing your funds in an intuitive way.

Saving Plans

Build your financial freedom with our Saving Plans

  • Become a free investor with our Saving Plans
  • Build your crypto portfolio
  • Automate your incoming and build new investment habits
  • Maximize your savings & earnings with EURST Saving vault
  • Get paid in daily basis

Spend Your Crypto with Cards

Top up your card in real time with any cryptocurrency. Swipe and spend at every point of sale or online easily without changing your spending habits and get a seamless experience.

  • Spend your Fiat and Crypto
  • High Limits
  • Receive Rewards


Do you need to exchange cryptocurrency? It's easy! Our application will help you with this. The Smart Custody app supports all popular cryptocurrencies. And you can freely exchange your funds and move them from one e-wallet to another depending on the type of cryptocurrency.


Store all your tokens in a secure solution that supports the main important blockchains and assets.

Our Smart Custody wallet allows you to do this quickly and safely. The whole process takes a minimum of time.


And the last feature making our digital wallet so convenient is the Settings.
You can change the password, passcode, and other parameters as needed. And of course, there is an opportunity to use the Contact Us form at any time you want.


Account Opening


Multicurrency Crypto Wallet Opening


Minimum Balance


Account Maintenance


Top UP with Card


Card Maintenance


Card Issuance


Card Replacement

9,90 EUR

Card Delivery


Card Delivery DHL

15,00 EUR

POS Single transaction Limit

20.000,00 EUR

POS Daily Spend Limit

20.000,00 EUR

ATM Withdrawal Limit

500,00 EUR

ATM Monthly Withdraw Limit

5.600,00 EUR

Daily Load Limit

5.000,00 EUR

Monthly Load Limit

20.000,00 EUR

Yearly Load Limit

80.000,00 EUR

Maximum Card Balance

20.000,00 EUR

Card Top UP from Fiat / Stablecoin Account


Card Top UP from Crypto Account


Crypto / Crypto Exchange

OTC Rate + 0.25% Commission

Crypto / Fiat Exchange

OTC Rate + 0.25% Commission

Fiat / Crypto Exchange

OTC Rate + 0.25% Commission

Auto Conversion

OTC Rate + 0.25% Commission

Crypto Deposit


Crypto Withdraw


Maximum Account Balance


Fiat Exchange


Crypto Exchange


Crypto Transfer Out per Transaction

10.000,00 EUR

Crypto Transfer Out per Day

50.000,00 EUR

Flexible APY

Min. 1,00 % Max. 9,00%